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How to extend C: drive in Windows Server 2008 and R2 (x64)

Many people have trouble extending the system C: drive on Windows Server 2008, especially on 2008 R2. In fact, there is no difference to extend a drive on Windows 2008 R2, no matter you use Windows or 3rd party partitioning utility.

Why extend system C: drive

Originally, when there is no free space in system C drive, to solve this problem without reinstalling, you have to backup, delete and recreate larger C drive and then restore. How time-consuming and annoying it is. New computer technology make things much easier, nowadays, you can extend C drive by taking free space from other data drives directly.

Which tool to extend Windows 2008 C drive

Disk Management

After searching by Google or in Microsoft forum, many people suggest resizing Windows 2008 partition under Disk Management. However, it is not a good idea, why? Yes, Server 2008 disk management integrates 'Shrink Volume' and 'Extend Volume' command, but you cannot extend C: drive by shrinking drive D:.

To extend a drive, there should be next contiguous free Unallocated space. After shrinking drive D: the free space is behind D:, of course you cannot use it to extend C: drive.

Diskpart Commands

Diskpart is Windows built-in utility runs by command prompt. Actually, Windows Server 2008 disk management is GUI of diskpart commands, so the same limitation, you cannot extend system C: drive by taking space from drive D:.

Then what to do? Don't worry, there are third party partition software, such as Partition Magic Server, Partition Assistant Server, either partition software is powerful and easy to use.

Partition magic server

3 ways to extend Serve 2008 C: drive

1. "Resize Partition"

Manually shrink a data partition to get free unallocate space, and then extend system C: drive with this free space. See how to resize Windows 2008 partition.

2. "Allocate Free Space"

Just select which partition to take space from and then add the free space to C: drive. (The easiest way to expand C by shrinking noncontinuous data drive.) See how to resize Server 2008 partitions.

3. "Extend Partition Wizard"

Shrink all data partitions at the same time and then expand c drive.

It is indeed very easy to extend Server 2008 C: drive, no format or reinstall requires, within several minutes, you have a "new" server without doing anything else, lol.

Steps to expand C: drive in Windows Server 2008

Step 1, launch Partition Assistant Server, you'll see all disk partitions connected this server. C drive space is 35.01GB.

Main window

Step 2, Right click a data drive and select "Allocate Free Space", in the pop up window add free space to C: drive.

Extend c drive

Click OK and back to main window, you'll find that C drive has been extended to 57.04GB.

Partition extended

Step 3, click "Apply" on top left toolbar to proceed, done.

Within several minutes to half an hour, you can extend Windows 2008 C drive without doing anything else.

No partition software is able to extend system C drive by taking free space from another physical hard disk drive.

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