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How to resize Server 2003 partition without reinstalling

Resize partition, also known as change partition size. It is amazing, nowadays, new computer technology make it is possible to resize partition without losing data. Originally, you have to backup, delete partition and create larger partitions. What a annoying and time-consuming work.

Actually, many people don't know which tool to resize partition or how to change partition size, so in this article, I'll talk about how to resize Server 2003 partition without data loss. To many Server administrators, it is not an easy task to resize partition on Server 2003, don't worry, after reading this article, you'll know how easy it is to resize Server 2003 partition within 2 steps.

Which software to resize 2003 Server partitions?

Partition Magic

Partition Magic is the first and most famous partitioning software, but since being acquired by Symantec, Partition Magic has not been upgraded. So it is not possible to extend, resize server partition under any advanced Operating System, such as Windows 2003, 2008, etc. Furthermore, it is no longer for selling.


Diskpart.exe is a command line built in Windows 2003, which is free, but it is not recommended to resize partition on Server 2003, as it has many limitations, such as:

  • Only DATA partition can be extended.
  • The partition you want to extend must be formatted as NTFS.
  • The unallocated space for extension must be the next contiguous space on the same disk.
  • You cannot extend the partition if the system page file is located.
  • Comparing with graphical user interface software, command line is hard to use for many users.
  • Operations cannot be undone, incorrect operations are very likely lead to data loss.

Server 2003 partition software

With third party partition software for 2003 Server, there are no such limitations, you can shrink and extend any partitions as you wish.

You just need to select which partition to resize and which partition add space to.

Server 2003 resize partition tutorial

Check disk partition layout under Disk Management. (Right-click 'My Computer' > 'Manage' > 'Storage' > 'Disk Management'.

Disk management

Step 1: Launch Partition Assistant Server, you'll see all disks and partitions that connected to your Server and free space, used space and other properties of each partition.

Partition assistant

Right-click the partition you want to shrink and select 'Allocate Free Space', or click the feature shortcut on left 'Partition Operations' panel.

Select resize feature

Step 2: In the pop up window, select how much free space to shrink, and which drive to add free space to.

Add space to c

After click OK, 14.09GB free space has shrank from G: and added to C drive.

Partition resized

Click 'Apply' on top left to proceed resizing operation.

Apply resizing

In the pop up window, you'll see all pending operations.

Pending resizing operations

If there is no mistake, click 'Proceed', after several minutes, partition resizing completed. Check in disk management.

Partition resized

Is it easy to resize Server 2003 partition?

In conclusion, different with resizing Windws 2003 partition by 'Resize' feature, 'Allocate Free Space' make it easier, you just need to select which partition to shrink and extend.

Download Partition Assistant free trial and check how easy it is to resize partition in Server 2003 without losing data.

When system C drive if full or running out of space, you'd better resize partition and extend it, as low free disk space may cause system running slower, reboot or crash, and you cannot install updates or applications.

No Server partitioning software has the ablity to extend a drive by taking space from other physical hard disk.

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