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Windows Server partition software (the best)

There are many partition software in the market, including free and comercial, for PC and Server, Windows setup or Linux kernel based portable. It is headche for most of the Windows computer users. For server administrators, it is more difficult, because there are large amount of files that cannot be lost in the server. In this page, I'll introduce the safest server partition software, in other words, the best partition software for Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003 (R2) and Small Business Server (SBS) 2012, 2011, 2008, 2003 (32 and 64 bit).

Take care of data in the Server

What is most important to a server? Data, of course!

What to do when system C drive or the volume for backup, database, etc. runs out of space? Nobody likes to start over, waste several hours to a whole day to back up, delete partitions, recreate partitions and restore everything. The fastest way is resizing volumes to extend C drive or these volumes.

However, there is system damage and/or data loss risk if you resize volumes with partition software. If you search by Google, you'll see many disasters that caused by some partition software.

Why there is such kind of risk? It is easy to understand for the people that have some knowledge about computer and hard disk drive. To organize the volumes and all files in a hard disk, there should be some kind of File System. You won't have to know much more about how File System works, but you should know that there are many parameters there. No matter you use MBR or GPT disk, FAT32, NTFS or other File System, from these parameters, Operating System know how many volumes are there in this disk, the size, start and end location of each volume, as well as the locations of all files. So resizeing volume can be done by changing part of these parameters (in some condition, it also requires moving files location). There are many factors that may cause part of the parameters failed to be modified, such as:

  • Some bugs or internal errors of the partition software
  • Extremely high CPU or low RAM
  • Other hardware issue such as power failure

If these happen while resizing volumes, of course there is damage, but the area differ:

  • If happen while updating system information, you cannot boot to Windows.
  • If happen while updating parameters of a volume, this volume will be corrupted and you cannot open it.
  • If happen while moving and/or updating parameters of files, you'll lose these files.

Then what is the best way? Use safe partition software to resize disk volumes.

Safest partition software for Windows Server

Among all server partition software, NIUBI Partition Editor Server is the only one that can 100% protect system and data. Really? Yes, it has unique 1 second rollback technology that is able to automatically roll back the server to the status before resizing in one second, if any software itself or hardware issue happens. That means, nothing will be changed or lost if this software roll back, so the server could back online immediately.

There are 2 points you may ignore:

I have backup software, why need another tool to "protect" data? You are wrong if you think so! Simply imagine what you have to do if some server partition software caused damage. Restore Operating System or/and all data, right? Serveral hours even a whole day will be wasted, remember, during this period, the server is offline!

But with the innovative roll back technology, the server could back online without damage immediately if anything goes wrong while repartitioning!

What are the 2 points to a server? Data protection and fast recovering.

Thes fastest server partition software

Another amazing ability of NIUBI is fast resizing. As I said above, to resize volumes, partition software should move files in the volume in some conditions, for example shrink D to extend C. Actually, all resizing operations that need to change the start location of this volume require moving files. Thanks to the special algorithm of NIUBI, it is faster than other tools. I don't know whether 30% to 300% is accurate or not from the vendor, but it is indeed faster from my testing. (compared with 2 competitors, NIUBI is about 48% and 105% faster).

Functionalities of this server partition manager?

In fact, I'm not care much about the amount of functionalities, but from my usage, it can do most of the commond disk partition operations. If you are interested, visit its website.

Last Updated on April 16, 2018


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