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Windows 2008 partition software for Server 2008 and R2

Many companies have migrated to Windows 2008 Server including R2, the same with old Server versions, you'll face to disk space problem, the typical example is that system C drive running out of space and 'Low Disk Space' warning pops up and ask you to free up disk space. With Server partition software, you can easily resize partition, merge partitions to solve this problem, so in this article, I'll introduce the most popular Windows 2008 partition software.

Windows 2008 partition software list

Diskpart command line

Diskpart command line is built in Windows and is free, meanwhile, it has many limitations such as,

  • The partition you want to extend must be formatted as NTFS
  • Only when the unallocated space for extension is the next contiguous space on the same disk, you can extend a partition.
  • Only the extension of Data volumes is supported.
  • You cannot extend the partition if the system page file is located.
  • Comparing with GUI software, command line is hard to use for many users and may leads to data loss.

Windows 2008 Disk Management tool

In fact, Windows 2008 Disk Management is graphical user interface of Diskpart.exe, of course, the limitations are the same with Diskpart. You cannot extend drive C: by shrinking drive D.

Windows 2008 partition software - Partition Assistant Server

Partition Assistant Server edition is an all-in-one Server partition manager for Windows Server 2008/2003/2000 and Small Business Servers. It helps you resize partition, extend, shrink, split and merge partitions without losing data, furthermore, if the system partition is NTFS, you can extend it withou rebooting.

It is not only safe with built-in Enhanced Data Protection technology, but also integrated Disk/Partition Copy to keep your data intact.

Windows 2008 partition software - Acronis Disk Director Server

Acronis Disk Director has long history to support Windows Operating System and File System. It provides partition manager, partition recovery and disk edit features, GPT, MBR and dynamic disks are supported, but the price is much expensive, $609 could purchase more than 4 copies of Partition Assistant Server, even Partition Assistant Unlimited edition plus free lifetime upgrade only costs $ 489.

How to select a partition software for Windows 2008

Of course, different people have different choice, but generally speaking, you should consider the factors below.

Data Security

Data security is the most aspect you should pay attention. Different with the software that just read info from hard disk, partitioning software will change original disk partition parameters, so you should select the one with data protection, no one would like to see data loss or boot failure after resizing.


With same price, why not select the one with more features, so with one partition software, you can better manage disk partitions.


With similar features, why not select the cheaper one?

In conclusion, learn more details about the Windows 2008 partition software and download the trail to check. The one recommended by others is for reference only, select the one that fit for your needs.

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