Windows Server partition software to optimize disk space

System C drive is full or running out of space?
No free space in C drive after installing Windows updates and applications?
Windows pops up "Low Disk Space" warning and ask you to free up space?
Need to resize partition, extend C drive on Windows Server without reinstalling or rebooting?
Looking for Windows Server partition software to manage disk partitions easily?

You'll get all answers here.

What does Windows Server partition software do?

Generally speaking, you need Windows Server partition software to optimize disk space usage of your Windows server computer. A typical example is that the system C drive is full or running out of space, so you need to merge or resize your Server partition to fast fix this problem.

With the advanced partition manager features, you can maximize your Server's performance, for example create, format, delete, wipe, copy, set Active, hide/unhide partition, etc.

Some Windows Server partition software provides copy (clone) feature, so you can easily copy the old small hard disk to a larger, backup, replacement when disk failure or migration without reinstalling is possible.

Windows Server partition software list

NIUBI Partition Editor is recommended, it is integrated Roll-Back technology to ensure 100% data safety, which is able to roll back the server to the right status before resizing in ONE second, if any software or hardware issue occur while resizing. Because of its special file-moving algorithm, it is also at least 30% faster than other tools.

How to partitioning Windows Server drive

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